Shoko YANO

전국 통역 안내사


I was born and raised in Kagawa prefecture on Shikoku Island. I love fine arts and history.
I will take you to Contemporary Art galleries in Seto Inland Sea area (Naoshima Island, Teshima Island, Inujima Island, Shodoshima Island.)
I can also bring you back in time of old Japan to take you to hamlets in the deep mountains and 88-site Pilgrimage on Shikoku Island, and other well-known or off-the-beaten-track sites.
I will tailor your tour to suit your interests and schedule.
But the most important thing is to make sure that you all smile during the trip.
I am passionate about Shikoku Island. I would like to share that passion with you and make your visit a memorable one.

지원 언어
가이드 라이선스
전국 통역 안내사
전문 분야
아트(예술)에 정통
아이들 환영
단체 여행객 환영