Hiroko ANDO

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Hello, I'm a certified tour guide. My house is a 5 minute-walk to JR Takamatsu Station. I love kabuki and musical. Also, I'm a foodie ;) Words to live by: “The world is but one country and mankind its citizens.” Passed EIKEN Grade 1 in 2020 (English proficiency test)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hir5923/

Guide fee (except for guide's expenses such as transportation and accommodation if needed )
under 5 hours: 28,000JPY
over 5 hours and under 6 hours:33,000JPY
6 to 8 hours: 40,000JPY

My strong fields for guiding: Art, Islands, Shopping, Gourmet, Japanese gardens, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, Strolling the streets, Hot springs, and so on

I have guide experience to Naoshima, Teshima, Inujima, Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum Japan, Shodoshima, Ritsurin Garden, Yashima, Shikokumura Museum, Kotohiragu Shrine, Takamatsu Shopping Arcade, Tamamo Park, George Nakashima Memorial Gallery, Ogijima, Megijima, Kochi City and so on.

Kagawa Prefecture is called “the holy land of art”. We have Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum Japan in Takamatsu City.  Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988) is one of the most important sculptors in the world and I have been a support member of his museum for more than ten years. The membership entitles me to reserve a museum visit by phone, rather than by return-post. The George Nakashima Memorial Gallery is another attractive spot near Noguchi Museum. George Nakashima (1905-1990) was a friend of Noguchi’s and a great furniture designer. I do recommend you visit both museums.

This region, called Setouchi in Japanese, is noted for its scenic beauty. Islands lie scattered across the sea’s tranquil waters. In 1934, the Seto Inland Sea was designated as one of Japan’s first national parks. Why don’t you take a ferry ride to answer the call of the islands? I bet you can de-stress yourself and be really relaxed there.

It is my great honor to help you have an unparalleled experience here in Kagawa!!

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지역 통역 안내사
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